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Checkpoint - Backup and Version Control / Blender

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Stop making random copies of your Blender project and forgetting what's inside them.

With Checkpoint, you get an integrated manager for all your backups right inside Blender, allowing you to effortlessly save as many versions as you want and with proper descriptions!

⚡Supercharged⚡ (WIP)

  • Checkpoints for objects & collections
  • Changelog panel
  • Cloud services integration (Dropbox, Drive, etc...)
  • Multiple projects under the same folder
  • + Everything else below ⬇

Full version 🏆

  • Browse through all saved backups of the current project in the Checkpoints panel
  • Go back to a checkpoint at any time, and continue development seamlessly

  • Transfer objects between checkpoints as easily as copy/paste them
  • Edit checkpoint description
  • Export desired checkpoints
  • Delete checkpoints to free up disk space
  • Search for the desired checkpoint by its description
  • Save different versions of textures by packing external resources
  • Make unlimited new timelines, and work in a parallel reality of your project. Choose if previous saves should go along in the new timeline or not
  • Easily add, edit, and remove timelines
  • Check how much disk space your backups are taking up
  • Easily remove all backups in the addon's preferences
  • Quickly make a checkpoint after each save with the post-save dialog (optional)
  • Automatically start version control on new projects (optional)
  • Auto updater

  • [DONE] Auto updater 🔄
  • [ONGOING] Checkpoints for objects & collections💾
  • User feedback improvements - Round #1
  • Cloud services integration ☁
  • Handle multiple projects under the same folder 📁
  • Changelog panel displaying the changes made since the last checkpoint 📟
  • Custom Icons 🧁
  • [CANCELLED] Automatic incremental version counter in each checkpoint, with control for major versions (v1.0, v1.1, v1.2... v2.0, v2.1... etc) ❌
  • [CANCELLED] Control over packed resources for each checkpoint ❌
  • [CANCELLED] Display preview image of the checkpoint ❌

💬 For troubleshooting and updates on the status of the roadmap, join our Discord:

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Last updated Jul 12, 2023

Includes the .zip file to install in Blender.

Blender Versions:
2.83 up to 3.6
Free updates
Last updated on
July 12th, 2023
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Checkpoint - Backup and Version Control / Blender

43 ratings
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